Monday, February 24, 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Big Spender False Eyelashes Review and Photos

How excited was I to discover that Benefit Cosmetics has false eyelashes???

I picked up a set of the Big Spender lashes but there are five others to choose from - Debutante, Angel, Starlet, Prima Donna, and Pin-Up. I liked the doe-eyed look of the Big Spender lashes and thought they were unique looking. I was curious to see what they'd look like on. They cost me $18.99 CDN.

The packaging is really cool, isn't it? It's a solid clear plastic package and the lashes slide out on a separate piece. A photo of woman's closed eyes sit beneath to show off the lashes. 

The Big Spender lashes have thick, sturdy black bands and are full, shiny and natural-looking. They are angled down and towards the outer corner of the eyes.

No lash glue is included but Benefit does sell lash glue separately. I haven't tried it as I always have a tube of Duo lash glue on hand. 

To be honest, I don't love these lashes. They are stiff and take some working in before applying, and even then, the edges don't want to stay down. Once on, they're not particularly flattering since they're angled down, they push my natural lashes down so that open-eyed look curling my lashes gives is cancelled out. 

Boo hiss! False lashes are supposed to enhance your eyes. The black band adds some drama to my upper lash line, but my lashes (and the false ones) aren't really visible because of the angle. 

I think they look great in the package, so with my eyes closed - ta da! But open - meh. I'm curious about the other Benefit lashes, but I'm guessing the bands on them are the same as on Big Spender.

If you're looking for some false eyelashes, I recommend veering away from Benefit's. They're difficult enough to apply without having to fit with a stiff band and you want lashes that enhance your eyes and your eye look, not take away from it.

Grade: D

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