Friday, December 26, 2014

Bdellium Brushes 942, 540, 781, 787 and 763 Review and Photos

Brushes, brushes, brushes! You can never have enough. At least, I can't. IMATS Toronto is a fantastic place to get your brush fix with brands like Hakuhodo and Royal and Langnickel. A brand I first discovered my first time at IMATS Toronto in 2011 is Bdellium Tools. They came recommended and the prices were so reasonable, I bought a bunch

Bdellium has seven different lines of handmade brushes. The ones I have are from the Yellow Bambu collection, which are made with sustainable bamboo handles and blends of synthetic and natural bristles. 

The Bdellium booth was my first stop when I returned to IMATS this year and I picked up five more of the Yellow Bambu brushes. I paid just under $30 CDN in total. Prices are lower at IMATS than they are online!

I wanted an angled contour brush, for applying blush, contour colour and highlighter to my cheeks. This is Bdellium's face 942 slanted contour brush. I paid $7 CDN for it (regular $11 US). 

It is great for very precise application of product on my cheeks, though as a blush brush, I prefer a touch more fullness so that I can blend. For highlighter and contour though, it's great. Or when I want to use a blush for contouring as well as for blush.

I needed a new lip brush, as I find that since I don't tend to use lip brushes very often, I end up using the ones I have as eye brushes. They are small, so they're great for applying shadows and creams very precisely, such as along the lower lash line and in the tear duct. 

The Bdellium lips 540 brush is all synthetic bristles, and best for use with cream/liquid products. It cost me $5 CDN ($8 US regular). 

The brush's tip narrows to a fine point, making it excellent for creating a precise lip shape. If a precise lip shape isn't needed, the flat, narrow width of the brush make applying lip colours easy. I probably won't use this brush that much, but it's good to have!

This is the Bdellium eyes 781 brush. I was on a quest to get more eye brushes, so I snapped this one up only to get home and realize I already owned it. Oops. But not really, because this is a brush I love and use almost every day. It cost me $6 CDN ($10.50 US regular).

It's an excellent crease brush for me - everyone's eyes are different - applying colour softly and blending beautifully. It also works just fine to softly apply eyeshadow to the browbone and lid.

Similarly, the Bdellium eyes 787 tapered blending brush is duet fibre (referring to the black lower bristles and white tips) and made for use on the eye specifically. But like most brushes, there are many areas this brush can be used (around the nose, for one). The 787 brush is great for using with mineral makeup. It cost me $6 CDN (regular $11 US).

I've only used this brush on my eyes, to blend out shadow in my crease. If I do soft, precise crease definition, I will use the 781, but I love using the 787 for a more dramatic look, and it works beautifully with shimmery colours. It's a large brush for my crease, but if you've got a shallow eye crease, or lots of space between your lashline and your browbone, this would be a great all-purpose crease brush for you. 

I love angle brushes. LOVE them. I use one of them almost every day, to apply product along my upper lashline, whether it's powder, cream or gel, and I love using one to smudge out lashline colour. I already own three or four but since I use them so much, I can always use more! This is the Bdellium eyes 763. It was $5 CDN (regular $8 US).

I have two MAC angle brushes that I use most often - a 266 and a 264. The Bdellium 763 is thicker and softer than those brushes, so for liquid or gel eyeliner it's not ideal. But for smudging some eyeshadow along the upper lash line, it's perfect. I like how soft it is and how well it blends colour out. It would also work well for eyebrow work, though I haven't tried that yet. 

Hurrah for new brushes! Hurrah for Bdellium!


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