Sunday, December 7, 2014

Beauty Squared Round-Up - December 7, 2014

Good morning and a happy Sunday to you.
We hope you are having a good weekend and that you'll find the links we've gathered for you this week to be interesting, informative and entertaining.

  • Yves St. Laurent beauty counters at Bay stores in Toronto and Montreal are featuring Google Glass makeup applications. What happens is the YSL MUA wears Google Glass while doing your makeup so you can watch the video recorded later and see exactly what makeup was used and how it was applied so you can recreate the look at home. Here's Janine of Beauty Geeks talking about her experience with this.
  • Three ways to make your lipstick last, no matter what you're eating and drinking or who you're kissing.
  • XOVain takes a look at the makeup and hair of the 1940s, when American women took active roles in the war effort and beauty was seen as patriotism.
  • How to apply liquid eyeliner quickly and easily.
  • Alle of XOVain shows us her minimal makeup routine

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