Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 657 Azure Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought my very first Chanel nail polish, you guys! I always thought my first Chanel nail polish purchase would be Vamp, but it wasn't. Maybe Vamp will be my second purchase!

I found Chanel's Azure polish at Winners recently, and while the Winners price wasn't lower than what I'd pay at Holt Renfrew (despite what the sticker said).

Azure is limited edition, and these may be some of the last bottles available to buy. I'd admired it before and was feeling in the mood to spend, so I grabbed it. It came out in late Spring 2013 in Chanel's L'Eté Papillion Summer collection along with Bel-Argus and Lilis.

Azure is a metallic blue-green. It's a duochrome which means that in different light it can look like two different colours. Azure looks green most of the time but shifts to blue in certain light. A friend once wondered why I was wearing a different shade of polish on one hand than on the other while I was wearing Azure recently. 

I love green polishes and I love blue polishes, so this was obviously my kind of colour!


In this photo you can it's duochrome qualities - it looks green at the front of the bottle, but blue on the side. 

Here it is freshly painted on my nails (you can tell by the mess around the nailbeds - I just scrub it off in the shower). It was challenging to capture the duochrome quality with my camera. I don't have much natural light in my apartment so I use my camera flash and that blankets most things with flat, bright light. However, you can kind of see a bit of the blue, particularly on my thumb. Temptalia has some great photos of it that show its duochrome effect a bit better here

As you should expect from a high-end brand, Azure goes on beautifully and if you're good at applying polish on yourself you could probably get away with one coat. I use two because I'm not great at it, even after all these years!

It wears quite well on me, not showing any wear at the tips or anywhere else for about four days. 

Since Azure is metallic, it does show brush strokes more than a non-metallic polish. I kind of like the effect though. Like brushed metal. 

I love the colour and often pause to admire the shifting colours when I'm wearing it. It definitely reads summer though - the green-blue metallic is pretty bright. Still, I won't hesitate to wear this year round whenever I feel like it. It'd be very pretty on tanned skin and worn on the toes. 

Chanel polishes are $28 CDN at The Bay and, and that's about what I paid for it at Winners. If you like metallic blue and green polishes, and duochrome polishes and track down some Azure at Winners or somewhere else, it's worth a look.

Grade: A

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