Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MAC Pro Trend Forecast Spring 15/Lip and Cheek Palette: Review, Swatches and Photos

Every fall and spring MAC Pro puts out two limited edition Pro palettes, one for eyes and one for lips. This year MAC has extended the lip palette to be a lip and cheek palette. All photos in natural light , swatches on NC 35/40 skin.

The Spring 15 Lip and Cheek palette features 6 new, limited edition lip and cheek shades conveniently house in a single palette. Though I have no official confirmation from MAC, the formula of the lip and cheek palette appears to be consistent with the Casual Color formula: solid in the pan but light and emollient to the touch. Generally, the consistency is like a semi sheer or glossy lipstick. The levels of pigmentation differ from shade to shade, but all shades have a sheer, glossy, emollient texture. 

The palette features 6 shades: Go Guava, One to Watch, Spring Sensation Must Have Melon, Bang on Red and Seasonally Peach.

1st row: Seasonally Peach/Spring Sensation
2nd row: Must Have Melon/Go Guava
3rd row: Bang on Red/One to Watch.

Seasonally Peach, Spring Sensation and Must Have Melon

Seasonally Peach - A very light peachy beige, this shade is one of the sheerest in the palette. Due to it's lightness and sheerness, I don't see using this color as a blush but it could possibly work as a dewy highlighter.

Spring Sensation - A light peachy pink in the pan which leans cooler pink on my warm skin tone,  this shade is one of the sheerer in the palette, but it is a tad more pigmented than Seasonally Peach. This could work as both a blush and lip color on lighter skin tones.

Must Have Melon - An orangey medium peach that has pigmentation levels equivalent to Spring Sensation. On lighter skin tones this could act as both a blush and a lip color.

Go Guava, Bang On Red and One to Watch

Go Guava - A medium mauve-rose shade with good pigmentation. Almost fully opaque in one pass. 

Bang On Red - A bright, medium deep red-coral with excellent pigmentation. Opaque in one pass.

One to Watch - A medium deep berry toned fuchsia with excellent pigmentation, Opaque in one pass. 

This is a beautiful palette for lips and cheeks - the colors are pretty, fresh and bright, as well as there is a good range of both warm, cool and neutral colors. There is also is a good variation in tone and depth of color, with the first row being light and sheer, the second row being medium in both tone and pigmentation, and finally the last row being deep and highly pigmented. In terms of formulation, the product applies smoothly, blends easily and has a dewy finish.

The drawbacks of this palette for some will be the lightness and sheerness of Seasonally Peach and Spring Sensation, shades that will work on lips but have little impact on cheeks.The second aspect of the palette that may be a drawback is the creamy, emollient finish. This type of product does not dry down or set, but will remain moist, which means wear time will be cut down and the finish might be too moist for oilier skins.

Overall I think this palette is great for travelling and has a variety of shades that could work with various looks from dramatic smokey eyes, to a neutral face, to bright lips. I love that this palette is for the most part, truly versatile. I hope MAC puts out more lip and cheek palettes like this.

Grade: B/B+


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