Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jonathan Silky Dirt Shine and Define Cream Review and Photos

Jonathan Silky Dirt

You know those beauty products that smell so good you're tempted to taste it? This is one of my favourite products and that's largely because it smells SO GOOD. How I've not had a taste I'm not really sure.

The fragrance is almond, sweet, sweet almond and vanilla. Like icing. 

Jonathan Silky Dirt Shine & Define Cream is a grooming cream, especially for dry and damaged hair. It adds definition, texture and shine. And fragrance. Yummy, yummy fragrance. Wear this, and try not to nibble on your hair.

Jonathan Silky Dirt

From the Jonathan website: 

Perfect to control and smooth hair, this grooming crème will add definition, texture and amazing shine. It is packed with Sunflower Phytoceramides which restructure and protect hair cuticles while a gentle smoothing shine blend adds shine and texture. Cucumber/Rose Essential Water nourishes all types of hair. Shea and Wild Mango butters condition and soften, while a blend of Sweet Almond & Soy Proteins improve manageability. 

Jonathan Silky Dirt

The texture of this is like a slightly lumpy cream. You need to work it between your hands to melt it. You need very, very little of it to work, though depending on your hair type (mine is on the fine side), you can build it if needed. 

Jonathan Silky Dirt

How I use it varies. Sometimes I will apply it when my hair is damp and before blowdrying if I'm going for a tousled look. Sometimes I will use it for shine and definition after blowdrying. It makes my hair smell delicious and the shine it adds is wonderful. So easy to overdo it on this stuff though.

And no, I still haven't been tempted to taste it.

Grade: A

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  1. Hmmm...interesting! I am so curious about this. It seems like a great one to try out.