Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday! Are you staying in to do some lazy Sunday-ness? Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable because here is our weekly round-up of beauty links for you. Enjoy!

First off, Jill and I have an announcement. Beauty Squared blog posts are going to be included on Off the Grid, a blog roll through one of the Toronto's free weekly newspapers, The Grid. Now you can find our posts on Off the Grid, as well as a number of other great blogs. Check it out!

LouLou offers some ideas for revamping your beauty looks - I love these kinds of lists. There's always at least one idea in here that I hadn't thought of or have never considered trying. 

We'll have the preview for MAC's highly anticipated Archie's Girls collection (Betty! Veronica!) up on Beauty Squared shortly, but check out this crazy-awesome post on featuring photos, swatches and all the info you need to decide whether you want to try for any of the products. Judging by all the buzz about this collection, it's going to sell out quickly. So don't wait for the collection to hit the stores, buy it online if you want anything.

Winter air is cold and dry and your skin and hair are likely suffering. Dry, itchy tight skin? Frizzy, dry hair? Dry, chapped lips? Would you prefer to look glamourous and "Winter? Meh, whatever, I still look gorgeous!" like Marlene Dietrich, above? Here are some products that can help, compiled by Front Row Magazine.

But spring is on its way, as all the fashion magazines and clothing stores are trying to convince us. Here's Joe Fresh's spring make-up collection. Check out the super-pretty lip glosses designed to look like roses (as shown above). 

Spring fashion is taking cues from the styles of the 1920s, thanks to Downton Abbey and others. Here's how to channel the feminine looks of the ladies Grantham (above).

Toronto Standard takes a look at Canada's best beauty box subscriptions

Ever notice how celebs will often try something new with their dresses but tend to stick with same hair and make-up looks on the red carpets, year after year? Here's why and how to achieve those beauty staples. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Is Jeremy Renner (actor and former make-up artist) wearing make-up here, has he had some cosmetic work done, is he just overly tanned or do we/should we not care?

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