Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OPI Sprung Nail Polish Review and Swatches

I badly needed a pedicure recently (more the pampering than yucky foot repair) and once there went through my typical scouring and scouring and scouring of the polish choices. It's February, so no one but me and the people around me in yoga class are going to see the colour I chose so that made it more difficult to choose! I came across a colour I've never tried wearing before, a shimmery copper, and since I was taking so long, that's the one I chose. 
It turns out, I LOVE it. So, I went out and found a bottle to buy.
It's called Sprung and it's from the OPI Mariah Carey collection. Sprung is a copper with gold, pink and red glitter and it's so, so pretty.

Look at me, buying a nail polish that's not butter LONDON!
These photos don't do the polish justice. It looks red or pink in them when in reality it's definitely orange or copper. And the photos also don't do the multi-dimensional sparkle justice either. It's a polish you need to see in person.
I liken the shade to if you were to melt shiny, new pennies and add glitter. There's a glow to this polish and it looks a little different in different light.

These photos show Sprung with three coats. It goes on very easily and it's surprising how well it covers considering it is a glitter nail polish (they tend to be mostly clear). 

This blog has the best photo I've come across that show Sprung as close to reality as possible. Trust me, it's super-pretty and if you don't have a shimmery copper in your nail polish collection, run out and snap this one up. I'm crazy about this colour! 

I paid $8 CDN for it, but OPI polishes range in price depending on where you buy it. 

Grade: A

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