Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - February 3, 2013

Happy February, dear readers! Here's Beauty Squared's Round-Up for this week.
I guess we should note that this is our 600th! 
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MAC's Archie's Girls collection launched online this past week and will be in stores next week. MTV make-up artist Lucky Bromhead works her magic and creates a Betty out of MuchMusic's Liz Trinnear and a Veronica out of MTV's Aliya Jasmine using the collection - check out the photos!

Attention oily and combination skintypes! Garnier is releasing a BB cream just for you. 

Glamour lists the makeup shades (lipstick, eyeshadow, lipgloss and blush) that look good on every skin type (or so they claim). There's so real explanation about how these shades would work on someone with fair skin AND on someone with dark skin but hey, it's a good starting place if nothing else.

Men used to wear high heels and not just for fashion shoots and runway shows as they are occasionally asked to do now (above). The BBC takes a look at this once essential men's fashion accessory.

Actress Michelle Dockery plays Lady Mary on 'Downton Abbey'. The above photo is from an Interview Magazine shoot, but take a look at her style evolution courtesy of InStyle. 

Two books released by the British Library takes a look at beauty and style tips from the Victoria era. 

I hate it when that divine glittery nail polish (I'm looking at you butter London's Knackered) is so unbelievably difficult to remove. Apparently using Elmer's Glue as a base coat can make removing it a snap? Has anyone tried this? Wouldn't it mean that it'd peel off before you wanted it to?

So Jane Seymour is 61 years old. You read that correctly. And she claims to have never had plastic surgery. Thank god for aging gracefully, Jane Seymour, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, et al!

How to create glamourous and sultry Veronica Lake retro-inspired waves

Go to your underwear drawer and give all of that lace, underwire and mesh a hug and thank them for all the support they've given you. The bra turned 100 this past week. 

The latest beauty product that everyone seems to be talking about are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. They claim to give the skin that elusive glow that certain lighting situations can give (candlelight, sunset, moonlight, etc). Check out Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog's review of a few of them.

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  1. The Elmer's Glue thing makes sense. When I was in elementary school, I used to spread it on the palm of my hand and peel it off when it dried. It would be interesting how long it would stay on the nail without peeling. Worth trying!