Thursday, February 7, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Lipglass Review, Swatches and Photos

The other half of the lip products hauled recently from MAC's Archie's Girls collection are the Betty and Veronica lipglasses which coordinate with the lipsticks. Product photos with flash, swatches on NC 35 skin in natural light. All products are LE ($20.00 CA/$16.50 US).

MAC Archie's Girls: Stay Sweet, Kiss and Don't Tell, Mall Madness, 
Strawberry Malt and Feelin' So Good

Stay Sweet (Creme) - A semi sheer milky pink. Probably the most often seen "repeat" colour from MAC, a good partner for the lipstick, though I think the lipstick is better.

Kiss and Don't Tell (Creme) - An opaque bright coral. So pretty and a perfect match for the lipstick.

Mall Madness (shimmer) - A mauvey pink with very subtle fine gold shimmer, a much more subdued color in comparison to the lipstick. 

Strawberry Malt (Creme) - A semi opaque, jelly finish cherry red gloss, perfect for layering with the lipstick but very nice on it's own too.

Feelin' So Good (Creme) - A blackened burgundy. Very vampy!

Like the lipsticks, there's a good, but not unique range of colours in this collection. Kiss and Don't tell is perfect for spring and summer, and Strawberry Malt is the type of colour you could wear year round sheered out for a more amped up natural lip or with a red lipstick or gloss for serious glamour. I find Feelin' So Good an interesting inclusion because it has a very  black base, which give it an edgy feel. 

Grades: A (Kiss and Don't Tell and Strawberry Malt), B (Mall Madness and Feelin' So Good), B- (Stay Sweet)

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