Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Allure Magazine readers vote for Splurges vs Steals

We will continue to give you our personalized picks for Splurges and Steals but here are some more opinions, namely those of Allure readers. 

Do you disagree with any of these? Agree? Want to know more? Tell us!


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  1. Does it say that I'm a total product floozy that I've got or tried at least 90% of both the deals and splurges on that Allure list?? Look at me, right now waiting for my Bubble Bath nailpolish to dry as I'm gingerly writing this!! LOL Also, no matter who puts out a 'must have' product list I always check out the reviews on it's a site by Paula Begoun - aka The Cosmetics cop....I find whenever I really want to buy a splurge product, I check that site for the reviews.. very helpful. ;)