Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beauty Abroad: Inglot Nail Polishes

One of the great things about traveling for a beauty junkie is to check out the local products. I had heard of Inglot from several blogs and so was intrigued when I ran into their products on my recent trip to Poland.

Inglot is Poland's answer to MAC. A very eclectic and large collection can be found everywhere in Poland from small drugstores to fairly large free standing stores. Like MAC, Inglot offers a vast array of products, colours and tools. I would say that their whole collection of products outnumbers MAC. Inlgot's nail polishes alone are worth a look - although I don't have an official shade count, it must be at least 100 shades if not more! The nail polishes I am reviewing in this post are # 202, 203, 204 & 205 (unfortunately there are no shade names). I have not included nail swatches because I could not capture the holographic nature of the polishes on camera.

Inglot Nail Polishes (left to right): 202, 203, 204 & 205.

These polishes come in small 8 ml bottles and cost around $7.40 CA. They are "flake" polishes, which means they have a clear base into which is suspended holographic flake glitter. These are great colours if you want sheer glitter on the nail, or if you like layering polishes. They have a holographic, duochrome colour that makes your nails shimmer like fish scales (in a good way of course!).

202 - a fiery orange flake with a green flash

203 - a green flake with a teal flash

204 - a violet flake with blue flash

205 - a gold flake with a green flash

My favourites are 202, 203 & 205. I do like 204 is but the flake shimmer isn't as intense as the others. A great feature of these polishes is if you wear them alone you need not worry about visible chips (due to their transparent base). The only downside to these are they are quite difficult to remove. I suggest holding a remover soaked pad to each nail for a few seconds and then scrubbing the nail with the pad. Even after several times of cleaning each nail I still had some residue. I ended up using a cuticle pusher to scrape the remaining flakes off.

Overall, I really love these polishes and can't think of another brand that currently offers the same type of product.

The good news is that Inglot is available in Canada - the bad news is only in Quebec! Find the locations here:



    I wanna try the violet!
    These strike me as perfect for the holiday season. I think of ice skating and woolly pink scarves and hot chocolate looking at these... totally lovely. Thank you for the heads (nails?)-up.

  2. These are amazing. So cool! I think I'd be hypnotized by my nails as I typed on my keyboard.

    I found a L'Oreal polish in England when I lived there that I loved and that stayed usable for five years (I used it infrequently because I wanted to make it last). It was an iridescent light blue and I wore one coat only because it was so pretty applied sheerly. I've never found a comparable shade.


  3. Hi there! Just started following your blog, that's why I'm reading an old post =)

    These all look so pretty! Have u checked out a brand called GOSH? They have a shade similar to #202, its no.546 'Rainbow'. I've got it layered over a dark red and its so festive!

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for reading! And for commenting! I haven't seen it although yes, I'm familiar with GOSH. Is it available in Canada? I'll have to seek it out...