Sunday, October 18, 2009

Splurge VS Steal: Skincare - Pimple Treatments, Masks and Exfoliators

Looking to see what our recommendations for those specialty skin treatment splurges and steals are? Read on, but first, here are our skin type specifications. We have similar skin types so if you've got dry skin or sensitive skin or something else entirely and want to know if we have any suggestions for your skin type, ask us!

Jill: Combination with an oily t-zone.  I rarely break out but the few pimples I get tend to be fairly  deep & painful.  I sometimes suffer from puffy eyes. I live in an extremely dry climate.

Catherine: Combination skin - normal on my cheeks, oily in my t-zone. My skin is rarely without pimples, but they tend to be small. When I don't exfoliate, my skin gets flaky. I live in Toronto, a city with a temperate, moderately humid climate.

Pimple Treatment

J: SPLURGE - Zeno Acne Clearing System ($129 US)

Ever wish you could zap your zits with your cell phone?  Well this device (which oddly looks like a cell phone) really does help decrease the size and life span of a pimple by delivering heat which helps kill the bacteria responsible for your zit.  It is a sizable investment, but for me it was really worth it.  I've been using mine for somewhere around 5 years.  It won't make large zits dissapear entirely, but it does help prevent them from getting bigger and helps stop the inflammation.  I can't recommend it enough.

C:  I don't use pimple treatments since nothing has ever effectively worked for me. A dab of my Jamieson's Vitamin A Retinol cream helps to speed up the pimple's life span and concealers do the rest for me.


J: SPLURGE - Clarisonic Skincare Brush ($217.00)
Another sizable investment - but let me tell you the Clarisonic really does remove dirt & makeup effectively all the while providing you with light exfoliation.  Since using this product I rarely bother to use other types of exfoliators.

C: SPLURGE - Philosophy The Great Mystery (one-minute deep cleansing daily facial) (5 fl.oz., $25 US)
I used to work at a store that sold Philosophy products, so I got to try many of them. This was one of my favourites. Unfortunately it's not one of the Philosophy products Sephora carries, but it's available on the Philosophy website. It was created to mimic the microdermabrasion effect and it's warming, soothing and incredibly softening. It does what it claims, it's like a very speedy facial and leaves my skin smooth, radiant and softened.

STEAL: Baking soda and water.
You really can't get much more simple than this. A teaspoon of baking soda and a drizzle of water (or your facial cleanser) becomes a softening, very gentle exfoliator in the palm of your hand. It's fantastic for sensitive skin and a good place to start if you're new to exfoliators.


J: SPLURGE:  Proactiv Solution Refining Mask (2.5 oz. $13.95 US)

This sulphur based mask works nicely to reduce oil and more importantly cut down on blemishes.  Like the infomercial suggests, put a dab on your pimples and leave on overnight.  It really helps!

C: I like my masks to draw out impurities, tighten, soothe and smooth my skin and exfoliate.

SPLURGE: Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask (3.4 oz, $85 US)
I received a sample of this and it's way more pricey than anything I could ever afford but it is unbelievable on my skin. Every Fresh product I've tried has been like this - it's gorgeous (though pricey) stuff.

STEAL: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty (125 g, $9.95)
I used to work for Lush and this is one product that's been stuck in my skincare routine ever since. It's everything a mask should be - minty, deep-cleansing, thick, exfoliating, refreshing. This is great on your feet and back (if you have bacne) too. I've even done an all-over body mask with this. In the summer this is an amazing product because it's so minty, it cools your skin.

Stay tuned for more Splurge VS Steal posts (and feel free to suggest a category). If you haven't already, check out our Splurges VS Steals for Cleansers and our picks for Moisturizers.

As always, give us your opinions and if you have any questions, ask away!


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