Friday, October 16, 2009

OPI and Dell? Nail Polish and Computers?

Huh? you might be thinking. I know, I know, nail polish and computers don't normally mix well AT ALL.But now, as reported by Vogue France and, OPI and Dell have paired up to design a line of nail polish laptops. There's something mesmerizing about wet nailpolish - thick, creamy, pigmented, sometimes sparkly, multi-hued. And this is OPI, sweetie darlings - the grand poobah of nail polish!

These laptops are perhaps only for true beauty junkies, but I think the imagery is unspecific enough to appeal to non-nail polish wearers too.

Couldn't you just see these being used in a hair salon? If I hadn't just splurged on a Macbook, I'd be considering a Dell...

Scroll down for more photos.


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