Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GOSH Bohemian Gypsy Eyeshadow Palette

GOSH is a Danish cosmetic line that's sold in Canada at Shopper's Drug Marts. I picked up a four-colour eyeshadow palette from their spring 2010 line recently because it was just so pretty and cool looking. As wary as I am of drugstore brands, I have a few products from Gosh that I've been impressed with so this was too much of a WANT to pass up.

Called the Bohemiam Gypsy Special Eye Shadow Quattro (their regular quattros are flat, round palettes with pressed eyeshadows), this palette contains two of those useless tiny sponge-tipped wands (I throw these out immediately), a good-sized mirror and four rounded eyeshadows.The eyeshadows look pebbled, like the loose balls of facial highlighter or bronzer you can find, only these are set in the palette. Funnily enough, the compartments for the shadows have little depressions on either side, almost as if they're meant to be lifted out with fingers. But they're not loose at all and really, it would be messy if they were.

There is another Special Eye Shadow Quattro available called Modern Gypsy and the colours in it are peacock-inspired (blue, orange, soft green). Those colours rarely call out to me, but the shimmery grey, purple, plum and coral of the Bohemian Gypsy palette definitely do.

Clockwise from top left, the cranberry shade.

The medium grey-silver shade.

The silvery-lavender shade.

The rusty-coral shade.

Swatched L-R: lavender-silver, plum, coral and grey.

I'm impressed by the pigmentation of these. So many drugstore-brand eyeshadows have very little pigmentation (and a lot of shimmer). These eyeshadows aren't as pigmented as higher-end but they're not bad. And the shimmer doesn't overwhelm the pigment like so many drugstore-brand shadows.

My favourite colours are the silver and the cranberry shades and all the colours are complimentary although I haven't worn all four together yet. Overall this is a really good palette to pick up if it strikes your fancy.


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  1. I've got the Eye Shadow Quattro called Modern Gypsy & love it. Used wet the colors are fabulous. I like their small sponge applicators too, so don;t throw mine away!