Monday, April 26, 2010

MAC Pret-A-Papier Chromagraphic Pencils

These pencils were a bit of a mystery to me when I first heard about them. Essentially the Chromagraphic pencil is a concealer coloured liner, or if you like a concealer in a eyeliner formula. The pencil is mainly designed for use along the waterline to brighten eyes. However, where I get excited about the potential of these is their use as portable concealer. Many of us suffer from the occasional pimple, and who hasn't checked their makeup at 3:00 pm to discover their concealer has worn off, thus exposing your pulsating red zit? If you had one of these in your make up bag you could easily and precisely camouflage your spot without messing with fingers, brushes, sticks or wands.

Chromagraphic Pencils LE ($17.50 CA/$14.50 US)

Photo taken indoors, no flash, NC 35-40 skin.

MAC Chromagraphic Pencil (top to bottom): NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30

MAC Chromagraphic Pencil (top to bottom): NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30

General Comments

This is an interesting product. The only drawback I can see to these is the limited shade range. While they will work as a liner on most waterlines, they won't be able to work as concealers on most. While I know they weren't designed with this purpose in mind - why not work it so they could be used for a multitude of needs?



  1. This is awesome and I would totally use it as your suggestion; way better than those lipstick-like tubes marketed for this purpose. Doubt there's a shade close to mine, but that won't stop me from going to see! : )

  2. They definetly are creamier than most concealers, but I do think they could be used in a pinch. Half the battle of effectively concealing a zit is placement. I think these could work for that purpose with some powder to set.

  3. you'd have to sterilise the tip after using it on a spot or else you'd just spread the bacteria next time you used it to cover redness or something. heaven forbid getting acne-bacteria in the waterline!