Thursday, April 8, 2010

MAC: Art Supplies Greasepaint Sticks

Being a practicing visual artist (and makeup artist) I couldn't help but be excited over the title and concept of MAC's latest collection"Art Supplies". Since I already spend obscene amounts of money buying real art supplies, I figured no one would notice if I diverted a little bit of my funds into this collection.

Back in the fall, MAC launched, in my opinion, one of the best and most creative collections we've seen in the past few years - Style Black. With Style Black came the Greasepaint Stick. Greasepaint sticks are sort of a edgier cousin of the now defunct Shade Sticks.

According to MAC, the Greasepaint Stick is designed to maintain a glossy finish. These are a kin to a very fat eyeliner pencil and they set with about 30 seconds of smudge time. Photo taken with flash, indoor lighting.

MAC Greasepaint Sticks (top to bottom): Below Ground, Greengrease and Dirty

MAC Greasepaint Sticks (left to right): Below Ground, Greengrease and Dirty

MAC Greasepaint Strick LE ($21.00 CA/17.50 US)

Below Ground - a very beautiful metallic golden taupey brown. Would make a great neutral warm smokey eye.

Greengrease - a black base with green shimmer.

Dirty - a metallic, silvery taupe, a cool neutral, very pretty.

General Comments

Most of the Greasepaint stick shades are very dark, so they are pretty much limited to creating smokey eye looks. I bought the three I did because they seemed more versatile, also because I love any green eyeshadow. The Greasepaint sticks are fairly creamy to apply, but you need to work fast at smudging them because once they set, they aren't budging. In comparison to the old Paintsticks, this formula is smoother, creamier and much improved.

Anyone use and love these?



  1. I got Below Ground and Dirty too! As well as Slick Black since I missed out on the black greasepaint stick from last year's :)

  2. I am going to pick up Slick Black as well, which is different from the black they released with Style Black - that one actually has some shimmer in it. I'm also thinking of getting Zinc Zone.


  3. I picked up a few of these and am definitely in love with them! I am tempted to go back for more, I love how easy these are to use and so perfect for a smokey eye.