Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiehl's Creme de Corps

Creme de Corps is one of Kiehl's classic, best-loved products and they can add my thumbs up to their review too. I used it for the first time this winter and have absolutely fallen in love with it!

There is one word for this body lotion from Kiehl's - luxuriant. It's meant for dry and flaky skin, so it's ideal for winter skin or anyone with dry, itchy, rough skin. It's made with beta-carotine (helps to produce Vitamin A), cocoa butter and Vitamin E and it makes your skin feel so richly moisturized and takes away any itchiness, tightness and irritation from dryness. You know the feeling of your clothes dragging against your skin when it's dry? Creme de Corps takes that right away. It's just so luxurious and soothing.

It's got a buttery, warm, creamy texture and absorbs easily despite it's richness. It's scent is just as luxurious as it's texture - not perfumed at all, just slightly carroty and creamy.

I like to save it for special occasions, it's just that luxurious. 


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