Friday, September 3, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quads Review and Swatches

Fabulous Felines debuted three limited edition eyeshadow quads: Leopard Luxe, Burmese Beauty and Palace Pedigreed ($43.00 CA/36.00 US).

Photos taken in natural light, NC 42 skin.

Left to right in fours: Leopard Luxe, Burmese Beauty and Palace Pedigreed

Leopard Luxe (top row, bottom row): Style Predator, Wild By Nature, Furiously Fabulous, Notoriety

Leopard Luxe

I was surprized by how much I like this quad. Although I fit in the NC range of skintones, I find I don't usually gravitate towards very warm colours. Out of the three quads released this one has the most creative pairings. MAC was definetly thinking of the runway trends with this quad, as smokey orange eyes were all over the catwalks this season. Generally speaking the shadows in this quad have good colour payoff, with the exception of Notoriety.

Style Predator (VP) - an oranger version of Flip (Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Wild By Nature (M) - a buttery ochre/mustard, a good but very warm base
Furiously Fabulous (VP) - a blackened Satin Taupe or a much warmer version of Moth Brown
Notoriety (V) - a warm matte grey with a fine copper shimmer which is unfortunately lost on application

Burmese Beauty (top row, bottom row): Skintone 2, Prized, Showstopper, Burmese Beauty

Burmese Beauty

Of the three quads, this is the most neutral and by extension the most wearable for all skintones. You could go daytime and corporate with this quad or nighttime and vampy if you like.

Skintone 2 (F) - a beautiful neutral pale gold, acts like a VP more so than a frost
Prized (S) - a pale pinked beige, reminds me a bit of Next To Nothing (Smoke Signals) except in a satin texture
Showstopper  (M) - a rich blackened brown
Burmese Beauty (L) - a reddish brown/green duochrome, similar to Blue Brown pirment but in a lustre formula and so sheerer and much less pigmented

Palace Pedigreed (tope row, bottom row): Quite Spoiled, Courtly, Russian Blue, Palace Pedigreed

Palace Pedigreed

The coolest of the three palettes, Palace Pedigreed really spells fall for me, with its rich plum tones and cool grey blue accent. This quad is very matte in texture and look, despite the fact only one shadow is actually listed as such. I see this quad functioning quite nicely at night, when you can really play up the density of the colours.

Quite Spoiled  (S) - a pretty medium mauvey blue pink
Courtly (S) - an slightly iridescent grey mauve, rather sheer on application
Russian Blue (M) - my favourite of the quad, a deep smokey blue grey that looks like its namesake
Palace Pedigreed (S) - a blackened plum

General Comments

MAC didn't reinvent the wheel with these three quads, but they did offer a few interesting ideas. I think Leopard Luxe is by far the most inventive, and although it's geared towards yellow/warmer skintones, I think it's neutral enough to be worn by many. Palace Pedigreed is a fairly typical offering for pinker/cooler skintones, for me what saves it from being boring is Russian Blue which is a shade I can't think of a dupe for. Burmese Beauty plays it fairly safe, but it's pretty and flattering on.


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