Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MAC S/S 2011 Faces - London Fashion Week

Here we go with MAC's London Fashion week runway looks! I don't know why but London Fashion Week designs appeal to me far more than New York Fashion Week's.

"It's Nico in the Velvet Underground meets Guy Bourdin's photographs - quite tough but very chic... I wanted it hard but beautiful, not gothic or grungy."
A Guy Bourdin photograph.

Some of Jean-Pierre Braganza's runway looks for Spring/Summer 2011:

"It's muted modern...a very soft, nineties feel makeup that's gradually and subtly built up in washes of colour that melt into each other."
Some of Hannah Marshall's Spring/Summer 2011 runway looks:

"She's a cool rock girl, who idolises Janis Joplin and studies pagan literature. She's effortless and fresh with an underlying key influence was Romy Schneider in L'Enfer."

Movie poster for L'Enfer featuring Romy Schneider
A close-up of Felder Felder's beauty look.
Three of Felder Felder's Spring/Summer 2011 runway looks:


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