Friday, September 10, 2010

TVAL Sweet Cheeks Face Mask Review

TVAL is a Canadian skincare company similar to LUSH in that they make handmade products such as soaps and bath treats but they're much less wackadoo and "earthy". LUSH can be very messy, inconsistent and well, kooky (I used to work for them). TVAL is much more accessible and you won't get assaulted by overwhelming fragrance when you walk in! 
TVAL has also got some very good skincare products and mineral make-up. I will review more of the products I bought in other posts. Stay tuned! 

Here's their Sweet Cheeks Face Mask.

What the label says: Sweet Cheeks is just what oily and acne prone skin needs! The pink clay will gently draw out impurities and salicylic acid is very effective in clearing acne and blackheads. Strawberries has soothing and toning properties and they are also rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C which will give your skin a boost of radiance!

Hmmm, on the label it says "For all skin types" so that's a definite disconnect. I'd avoid this if your skin is sensitive or dry simply due to the ingredients meant specifically for oily, acne/blackhead-prone skin.

Sweet Cheeks looks like a milk chocolate-strawberry ice cream but it's definitely meant for your face. The ingredients to note are: soy oil, salicylic acid, vitamin C, strawberry extract and clay. 

Sweet Cheeks' texture is quite thick as you might expect from a clay mask and it dries to a powder also as you might expect. After opening, Sweet Cheeks needs to be kept in the fridge which makes it ideal for use in the summertime, when oily skin tends to be oilier. It is not an exfoliating mask, as many masks for oily skin tend to be - it's smooth and rich and soothing.

I liked this mask very much. I have combination skin, oily in the t-zone, with large pores and normal on the cheeks. Sweet Cheeks left my skin feeling firm and smooth without feeling tight and it looked healthier, rosier. The scent is delicious without feeling like you're wearing dessert on your face. I do forget about it though, since it's in my fridge and doesn't stand out from the salsa and mayo on the shelf.
A little goes a long way as well and it's priced at $12 CDN for 2 oz so it's inexpensive for its quality.

Sweet Cheeks is available through the TVAL website and in their stores. Some TVAL products (but not the Sweet Cheeks mask) are available through Sears Canada


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