Friday, September 17, 2010

MAC S/S 2011 Faces

MAC's beauty domination of the New York Fashion Week runways continues. Here are the looks they came up with on Sunday, September 12th!

"A girl on holiday in India. A serene, peaceful vacation. It's soft make-up inspired by nature. The way you look when you are really relaxed and surrounded by beautiful things."
Some of the looks from Behnaz Sarafpour's Spring 2011 collection:

"The look is based on Andy Warhol's silkscreen of Diane's lips - it's an iconic image for DVF."

A close-up on the runway.

Some photos from the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 runway collection:

"This look is all about a '70s cocktail party so the look is girl on holiday, quite flushed and hot, just off the beach and putting on a bit of makeup before the party."

Some of the runway photos from Erin Fetherston Spring 2011:

"The colours of the makeup are inspired by Egypt, the colours of the sand. The clothes have beautiful pale blues and lavenders so we're doing a little blue on the eyes as well. Very Catherine Deneuve but super minimal."

Some of the runway looks from Preen's Spring 2011 runway collection:


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