Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Agent Provocateur Titillation - Lip and Nipple Balm Review

I found this on sale at Winners and since I'm a huge Agent Provocateur fangirl I snatched this up as quickly as possible. It's no longer sold on the Agent Provocateur website but you can find it online for about $40. I paid $19.99!

What it is is a lip balm and a nipple balm. Yes, you read that correctly, nipple balm. It's Agent Provocateur so it's got to be racy!

All you need to know!

L-R: Nipple Balm, Lip Balm

L-R: Lip Balm, Nipple Balm

L-R: Nipple Balm, Lip Balm

I have to say that I love this lip balm. It's wonderfully moisturizing, smells delicious and has just enough intense tingle to give my lips a pinky glow. I love a tingly lip product. The little mirror in the lid of the ball is handy too although applying lip balm with your figners while you're out and about isn't ideal, germ-wise. I recommend keeping your potted lip products at home or the office or school and use them there (with clean hands) rather than carrying them in your purse. Keep your tubes of lip balm in your purse for on the go touch ups.

Lip Balm
I'll spare you from a review of the nipple balm, but I will say that my review of the lip balm applies. It smells lovely too and comes in the same cute little ball with the mirror in the lid. Don't ask me what the mirror is for in the case of the nipple balm. It also appears to have a shimmery element to it.

Nipple Balm

Close-up of the nipple balm

So much fun and a great little lip balm. What do you think? Any Agent Provocateur fans out there?


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  1. i am going to buy it.ws looking for a review.that is helpful.thnx.