Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Peacocky Eyeshadows: Dandizette, Peek-At-You and Unflappable Review and Swatches

This post is late, and I apologize for that! MAC's Peacocky collection (see B2's preview post here) was released weeks ago but many locations still have the Mega Metal Shadows still available - so if you like what you see, you may still be able to get them!

Jill went and bought ALL of the 15 Peacocky eyeshadows but I only splurged on three. I'm very, very, very (too) good at talking myself out of buying things sometimes. I only intended to get two, but I accidentally discovered I needed three. More on that later. Now, photos!

I bought Peek-At-You, Dandizette and Unflappable.

L-R: Peek-At-You, Dandizette and Unflappable

L-R: Unflappable, Dandizette and Peek-At-You

Peek-At-You is a frosted yellow-white, although it reads slightly peachier than yellow, in my opinion. It's a very soft, natural shade on my skintone (NC15-NC20) and its metallic creaminess helps make it a great highlight shade for the browbone, inner eye and top of cheekbone.

Dandizette is a navy with silver pearl. I think it looks quite denim-y. I'm a sucker for metallic blue shadows and really, the collection is called Peacocky - I can't NOT buy a blue or green shadow, right? My favourite way to wear this shade is on the outside half of my eyelids, messily applied up to the crease.

Unflappable is a frosted black with purple pearl and my favourite of the three. It's a great smudgable shadow for the lashline, and gives an instant smokiness to any eye look.

L-R: Peek-At-You, Dandizette and Unflappable swatched
The Mega Metal eyeshadows are all very creamy in texture and quite metallic. Dandizette and Unflappable aren't necessarily the best shadows to wear for a professional daytime look, but that doesn't stop me. Obviously their shine make them better suited to an evening look. Peek-At-You or one of the other lighter shades obviously work well as highlighters so they can be worn easily for day or night.

So the reason I opted to buy three, rather than just two Mega Metal shadows was because the MAC location I was at happened to be out of Q-tips (I know) so one of the MUAs handed me a brush to use to swatch the Peacocky shadows instead. This was not ideal as I couldn't clean the brush in between each swatch so only the first swatch would be true to its colour. I did the best I could with a tissue to clean off the brush but then I happened to swatch Unflappable and then Peek-At-You right after and I got the prettiest neutral metallic. I fell in love right there on the spot. See below. That's Unflappable topped with Peek-At-You. The sheen of Peek-At-You minimizes the intensity and darkness of Unflappable making it much more wearable and creating a whole new shade!

Peek-At-You on top of Unflappable
So there you have it! My three Peacocky Mega Metal eyeshadows. What do you think? Did you pick up any of the Mega Metal eyeshadows? Do you love metallic eyeshadows as much as B2 does? 

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  1. I bought three of them (all darker pigments) and managed to look like an actual peacock... I wasn't actually leaving the house, so that was alright--but I was impressed by how opaquely they apply and stick even without a base. A lot of fun will be had with these, that's for sure. Returning today for a highlight.

  2. I found the peek-at-you shadow on strawberry net and I was wondering whether to get it or not. How much have you used yours? Did it work out well as a highlighter too?

  3. Hi Sophielikescake! I use Peek at You quite a bit as a highlighter. I have so many shadows, it's easy to forget what you have but I use this one alot as a highlighter.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you get it and if you like it.

    Thanks for reading!