Monday, January 3, 2011

MAC Cham Pale Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow x 4 Review and Swatches

I think MAC is trying to kill us, or more likely kill our wallets. No sooner are the holiday kits released, then they pummel us with Cham Pale, Stylishly Yours and next week Mickey Contractor and Peacocky!

Anyways, here's my haul from Cham Pale. Cham Pale is this year's version of Warm and Cozy, and I for one always welcome a neutral themed collection. The spin on this collection of neutrals is high shimmer and shine.

In this post I will be reviewing the Caviar Dreams quad ($43.00 CA/$36.00 US). All photos taken indoors with flash, skintone NC 40.

Left clockwise: Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow x 4, Chilled on Ice,
Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection and Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pots,
 I get No Kick and Feline Eye Kohls.

Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow x 4 clockwise from top left: Brule (S),
Retrospeck (L), Et Tu, Bouquet? (F) and Caviar Dreams (L).

Brule (S), Retrospeck (L), Et Tu, Bouquet? (F) and Caviar Dreams (L).

MAC Cham Pale Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow x 4

Brule (S) - A well pigmented, smooth yellow toned beige, great for a base shade or as a highlighter for medium or darker skin tones. Permanent colour.

Retrospeck (L) - A pale silvery gold slightly gritty shimmer that pulls a bit green on me. Like other lustres, fallout is a concern. Permanent colour.

Et Tu, Bouquet? (F) - A frosted iridscent white-pink, last seen in A Rose Romance. LE colour.

Caviar Dreams (L) - A pewter toned brown with fine silver shimmer. Fallout seems less of a problem with this lustre than with Retrospeck. LE colour.

General Comments

The Caviar Dreams quad definitely fits the "pale" part of the Cham Pale collection theme. While each shade in the quad is fairly nice on its own, I think most people would have some difficulty pulling together a strong look soley using this quad. If Caviar Dreams had been a pigmented veluxe pearl, or better yet the same shade in a satin or matte formula, it would have saved this quad from essentially being a palette of highlighters. That being said, this quad will look beautiful with any deeper satin or matte neutral of any shade thrown in, so in that sense this palette works and is very flexible.

I consider this a decent buy for me, but only because I only own one of the shades (Et Tu, Bouquet?). I think if you have two or more of the shades in this quad you would be better off saving your money for the Mickey Contractor quad of neutrals.

Another consideration with this quad is the heavy emphasis on shimmer and lustre finishes. This is a very shimmery/glittery quad, so if shimmer is not your MO, I would skip.


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