Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jacob Flirty Bikini Lip Duo Review, Photos and Swatches

Jacob is a Canadian clothing company that launched its first fragrance a few years ago. This year, they're expanding their beauty line with nail polishes and lipsticks. You can see their beauty collection here. As an aside, I LOOOOOOVE the use of the gorgeous Karine Vanasse who recently starred in the TV series PanAm in their current ad campaign.

Karine Vanasse

I picked up one of their Lip Duos, in Flirty Bikini, to see what it was like. Their lip duos are a lipstick and a lip gloss in one. 

I photographed the wand in my hand to give you a sense of size.

And also, here it is next to a MAC lipstick and lip glass to show the size. It's about as thick as a lipstick tube and the length of a longish lipgloss tube. 

The size of the lipstick and the pot of lipgloss is less than you'd get buying them individually. But these lip duos cost $10 which is very reasonably priced for two separate lip products. 

Flirty Bikini lipstick end

Flirty Bikini lip gloss end

Here is Flirty Bikini swatched on the inside of my arm. The lipstick has a nice creamy texture and coverage. It's not a matte shade, but it's got no frost to it either. It's somewhere in between and has a nice shine to it. I was very impressed by the texture and the colour. The gloss is quite sheer and doesn't have much impact apart from shine on my lips as a result. It's thin and non-sticky, but the gold sheen as seen in the above photo doesn't really come through. The swatch on my arm is three layers of gloss. Shade-wise it reminds me of MAC's Full of You lip glass. It's a nice, easy-to-wear gloss and presumably it's designed to top the lipstick. On my lips the colour is the same as my natural lip colour.

Flirty Bikini lipstick and lip gloss swatches

Flirty Bikini lipstick and lip gloss swatches
 Below are the two swatches with the gloss on top of the lipstick.
Flirty Bikini lipstick and lip gloss swatches
 Here is Flirty Bikini lipstick on me. 
Flirty Bikini lipstick
Looking at Flirty Bikini lipstick I thought it looked similar to a lipstick I already own. And sure enough, you guys, I've found a dupe for MAC's Hibiscus which came out with last summer's Surf, Baby! collection. 

L to R: Jacob Flirty Bikini and MAC Hibiscus
Flirty Bikini is slightly more orange than Hibiscus, which is more red-pink than Flirty Bikini, but they're pretty close. Texture-wise, Flirty Bikini is more opaque.

L to R: Jacob Flirty Bikini and MAC Hibiscus

So there you have it! Jacob's foray into lip products has impressed me. I love this lipstick and will wear it quite a bit this summer. The combination wand is great to carry with you in your purse for three different lip looks. And at $10, it's a steal. Well done, Jacob!


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  1. thanks for this review :)
    I was looking into buying it, and well yours was the only one that popped up in google!
    I'm still not sure if I need more lip products, but at least the product is decent~