Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets Lipglass Review, Swatches and Photos

The last two years have been a renaissance of sorts for me in regards to lip products. I went for a long time rarely buying any glosses or lipsticks instead focusing on eye shadow, highlighters and blushes. But how times have changed - and I'm in big with MAC Fashion Sets.

From this collection I mainly purchased lip glosses because all the lipsticks save a few were permanent products. All the featured lip glosses in this post are limited edition ($17.50 CA/14.50 US) and are all available online. All photos in natural light on NC 35-40 skin.

Myth, Peachstock Snob, Saint Germain, Angel, Please Me, 
Pink Nouveau, Spice, Razzledazzler, Ravishing, Morange,
 Impassioned, Girl About Town and Rebel

Myth - looks like a tube of concealer. On the lips it's milky beige with strong yellow undertones and mostly opaque coverage. A great nude lip gloss for those who have naturally red lips (like myself), the strong yellow undertones helps neutralize the redness without looking ashy.

Peachstock - in the tube and on the lips it's very close to Myth. It's a milky beige with a slight hint of peach. Again, it has strong yellow undertones and mostly opaque coverage .

Snob - a light, milky blue based pink with a white base. Mostly opaque coverage.

Saint Germain - a slightly lighter, milky blue based pink. Very similar to Snob on the lips but a touch lighter due to the very strong white base. Mostly opaque coverage.

Angel - a medium light yellow based pink. Simple and not particularly original but pretty. Mostly opaque coverage.

Please Me - a medium yellow based pink with a touch of peachiness. Very pretty. Mostly opaque coverage.

Pink Nouveau - a medium cool pink. It definitely has a blue base but should be wearable by all skintones. Mostly opaque coverage.

Spice - a rosy brown-beige. A great colour that would enhance all lip tones into "my-lips-but-better" territory. Subtle but effective. Mostly opaque coverage.

Razzledazzler - a light-medium peachy pink. Very pretty. Mostly opaque coverage.

Ravishing - a soft, bright coral. Mostly opaque coverage.

Morange - an insanely pigmented fluorescent orange with full opaque coverage and a very strong white base. The strength of the white base ensures this lipglass dosen't loose anything in the translation from the tube to the lips.

Impassioned - in the tube it looks like a bright pinky red, but on the lips it turns into a soft pinky red coral. Semi opaque coverage.

Girl About Town - a bright fuschia with tiny silver sparkles. Cool toned with mostly opaque coverage.

Rebel - a deep wine which is semi opaque.

I really like this collection. The two main reasons are that it offers a good range of shades which should appeal to many and that 99% of the glosses are cream finishes which I prefer over shimmer or glitter finishes. In essence this collection is very it reinventing lip gloss? No, but I think it accomplishes what it sets out to do which is to offer a little something for everyone.

My picks are: Myth, Peachstock, Razzledazzler, Please Me, Ravishing, Spice and Impassioned. The biggest surprise for me was Impassioned - generally I dislike pinky reds, but since this one leaned a bit coral it makes for a great way to (softly) jump on the bright lips bandwagon. I really like Myth and Peachstock because for people with naturally red lips (such as myself) it offers  a great pale nude lip without any ashiness or weird white undertones. 


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  1. I'm loving Please Me and Razzledazzler. Almost bought Angel but I think it's too light/baby pink for me.