Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector Review

Start with the numbers.
45% of Canadian women are concerned about dark spots.
74% are experiencing uneven skin tones.
68% define themselves as having sensitive skin.*

Those numbers set the stage for Vichy, whose new ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector is rewriting the playbook on uneven skin. In a world of “me too” products, Vichy, with their unexcelled ability to combine ingredients where others rely on one or two, has created the first formula to act on all layers of the skin.

According to Vichy, ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector gently exfoliates discoloured, dead skin cells while unifying and brightening the complexion with micronized mother of pearl. At the same time, it fades dark spots through gentle LHA exfoliation. ProEVEN is formulated to hold the inflammation and oxidation that can lead to the overproduction of melanin and thus discoloration at bay. ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector is also a daily moisturizer. The hydroquinone-free formulation provides 100% skin tolerance, suitable for the most sensitive skin of all ethnicities.

*Among Canadian face care users – 2010 Face Care Tracking, TNS Research

Beauty Squared was sent the Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector to try out and we decided to do a joint review of it.

First, we'll let you know about our skin types so you have a basis to understand how we felt the product worked or didn't work for us.


I have combination skin, with a fairly oily t-zone and normal cheeks. My ethnic background is Asian and my skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation after trauma. I experience post acne skin discoloration and freckles after sun exposure mainly on the tops of my cheekbones. I tan very easily and have small to invisible pores.


My skin is combination with normal skin on my cheek area and oiliness (redness and large pores) on my forehead, nose and chin. I have no dark spots on my skin, but I do have an area of blotchy redness on my right cheek. I am curious about seeing what the ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector can do for my skin in terms of brightening and renewal.

We both used a full tube of Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector which lasted us about 10-12 weeks.

And here's what we thought at the end.


I used this product day and night. During the day I wore it underneath my usual moisturizer Lancome Beinfiat Multivital SPF 30 and at night I used it on top of Differin 3x Gel and underneath Shiseido Bio Performance Super Revitalizing Cream.

First off, I found the texture and feel of this product very nice. It has a light, yet moisturizing texture which didn't make my t-zone oilier than it normally is. It has a very pleasant, citrusy clean scent which is not over powering. I found that while using this product my skin did look more luminous, felt suppler and moister. 

As for its spot fading properties, I can't honestly say this product lightened any of my freckles/sun spots. It is difficult for me to determine the exact effect of the product I was getting a fair amount of sun exposure while I was using it. I think an optimal time to gauge the effectiveness of this product would be in the winter, when there isn't the possibility for tanning. However, it did increase the luminosity of my skin on a daily basis and as such my skin looked and felt better. I did see some fading of a few post acne spots I had prior to starting this treatment but my acne marks do fade naturally over time. This product does help with acne fading but it won't dramatically accelerate it.

I did like this product enough to purchase a second tube of it. It retails for approximately $44.00 CA, but you can often find Vichy on sale at chain drugstores - I got my second tube for 20% off at London Drugs.


I used this product predominantly in the evening as I don't feel comfortable wearing a chemical exfoliator during the day. Chemical exfoliators can make your skin overly sensitive to the sun. As I don't have any dark spots that I could track progress with and didn't wear it consistently, I wanted to see how the Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector worked on the texture of my skin. 

The consistency of the Dark Spot Corrector is smooth and light and did not feel heavy on my skin. It is easy to wear under a moisturizer as it doesn't change the texture of my skin so the moisturizer is still able to absorb well. I would imagine it would be the same under makeup. As Jill found as well, it didn't make my skin feel oilier either.

As for the effect of the product, I didn't notice a change in the red areas of my skin (presumably if the Dark Spot Corrector works as an exfoliator and reduces the appearance of dark spots, it might do the same on redness?). I did however see a change in the appearance of my overall skin texture. Each morning, my skin looked better, healthier and brighter. 

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