Friday, May 4, 2012

MAC PRO Fall Trend Eye Palette Review, Swatches & Photos

About a week ago I got a cryptic email from MAC PRO announcing the new limited edition Fall Trend Eye Palette ($45.00 CA/38.00 US) which promised "six key shades that define the high drama eyes of Fall 2012." I say this email was cryptic because asides from a few visuals and the less than informative on-line colour swatches, MAC failed to tell us anything about the actual product - was the formula cream, cream-to-powder, paintpot, fluidline, matte, glossy, sheer or opaque? Animal, vegetable or mineral?

After some research I realized no one else had any more information...time to find out for myself! All photos taken in artificial light on NC 40 skin. 

MAC PRO Fall Trend Eye Palette

Dark Current/Smoked Paprika
Delft/Natural Fibre

Dark Current, Blazer, Delft, Smoked Paprika, Pepper-Salt, Natural Fibre (no flash)

 Dark Current, Blazer, Delft, Smoked Paprika, Pepper-Salt, Natural Fibre (with flash)

This product features six cream shadows with two finishes, matte and shimmer. The shimmer colours have a texture very similar to Cream Colour Bases, they have the same slip, creaminess and ease of spreading. The matte shades have a slightly different feel - stiffer, drier and not slippery. The texture and feel of the matte shades reminds me of theatrical grease paints, like Makeup Forever's Flash Colours or certain cream liners like those from Smashbox. Neither textures are similar to Paint Pots or Fluidlines, and from what I can tell, these do not dry down and set as those other two products.

The pigmentation is excellent. The matte shades are very dark and intense and can cause staining if used on bare skin. The shimmer shades are well pigmented as well, although sheerer than the matte shades. I would definitely use a primer or base with these, or at very least a layer of concealer to protect the skin. Although I haven't worn these yet, I would assume these would perform best when set with loose powder or powder eye shadow to ensure longevity.

Dark Current - a very dark, reddish brown, this shade would be lovely with green or hazel eyes.

Blazer - a deep ultramarine, red based blue which leans purple. Unique and gorgeous.

Delft - a deep forest green teal, again unique and gorgeous.

Paprika - the most pigmented of the shimmer shades, a rich rusty copper.

Pepper-Salt - a pale golden beige with silver undertones.

Natural Fibre - a pale silvery grey with gold overtones.

I think the colour choices for the palette are inspired. While they are obviously paired in coordinating duos (Dark Current with Paprika and so on) I could see numerous great combinations. I also appreciate that MAC split the palette into two different textures, thus allowing greater variety when creating a look.

I will be creating a EOTD with this palette while also testing the wear of these new shadows. Stay tuned!


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