Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My First MAC Eyeshadow: MAC Tilt Eyeshadow Swatches, Photos and EOTD

I would suspect that a good number of women would say that the first eyeshadow colour they bought was a blue-green frosty colour. Mine was. Well, at least, the first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought was. 

I still have the very first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought and thought I might show you. I would have bought this in 1998 or 1999. It's Tilt eyeshadow, which MAC still makes, amazingly. Tilt is violet with blue-green frost, according to the MAC website and this surprises me, I actually have never noticed any purple in it at all. Now I can see it. 

To compare the old MAC packaging with the new MAC packaging, I photographed my Tilt next to a recent purchase (Wedge). 

The newer MAC packaging has the flip-top while the Tilt packaging has a screw-off lid.

White wording on a black sticker on the bottom. Note also, the raised MAC lettering along the edge of the eyeshadow. The newer MAC packaging has the fainter writing on a not-so-black sticker on the bottom. I can see aesthetically why they made the switch, but I've noted that it doesn't take very long for my eyeshadow labels to become very, very difficult to read. They get coated with product or get worn from rubbing against other eyeshadows. I wish the black on the stickers was darker and the writing was brighter. 

And here's that 12-14 year old Tilt. As you can see I didn't use much of it. I grew out of the frosty blue-green phase, I suppose, or perhaps I just never figured out how to wear it. 

Tilt's got a lot of shimmer, and depending on the angle, it can look green-blue, or blue-lavender.

I don't remember how I used to wear it at all. Probably as an all over the lid shade or as a simple eyeliner shade. Since it's still in pretty good shape, still creamy and not dried out, I thought I'd see if i could still do an EOTD with it.

Here's what I came up with!

I applied Tilt all over my lid (look how lavender it looks now!) with my Real Techniques Base Shadow brush. Along my upper lashline, I smudged MAC Contrast (purplish-blue with blue pearl) using an angle brush. Using my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush, I applied a small amount of Contrast up along my crease, very lightly. On top of that, and using the same angle brush, I applied MAC Mega Metal Shadow in Unflappable (frosted black with purple pearl) more heavily in the outer crease and lighter towards the inside. Blending, blending, blending and adding a little more and blending again. Using the angle brush I used what was left of the Contrast on it to smoke my lower lashline a little and pulling it up towards the crease in the outer corner of my eye. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a purple or a blue to line my eyes and I only had one blue and one purple eyeliner to chose from so I opted for the blue. It's Philosophy eyeliner in Creativity, a bright navy-teal blue. I think a dark purple would've worked well, or a navy blue. Or even black depending on how fun or chic you wanted to go. 

I'm kind of amazed how different Tilt look on my eye. It looks like a completely different eyeshadow colour! I might be bringing it out more often now....

If you like the look of Tilt, MAC still makes it. 

Hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my first MAC eyeshadow! Do you remember what your first MAC product was? 



  1. Is it sanitary to be using a 12+ year old eyeshadow?

  2. That's a good question, and one I did not think to address in the post. Thank you for asking it!

    There are no rules about the expiration dates of makeup products, just some general guidelines. Powder products tend to last longer than creams or liquids because bacteria tends to like dampness. So powder eyeshadows tend to have about a two year expiration.

    You can generally tell when a product is going bad when there are changes in the colour, smell and texture. You may see some separation in a cream or liquid product, and you can definitely small when a lipstick is getting old.

    I do not see any changes to the smell or texture of Tilt. I wouldn't have used it on my face if I had. The swatches I did on my hand didn't have any effect on my skin, so I thought it'd be OK to wear on my face.

    I was the only person to ever use this Tilt eyeshadow so there has been no cross-contamination and I've never used it on anyone (nor would I now since it is so old).

    I had no averse reactions to Tilt at all. But it's probably not great to be wearing a makeup product that's so old. I will keep this eyeshadow but it's not likely I'll wear it again. I just did that for this post.


  3. I have some eyeshadows that are 10+ years old and they are perfectly fine.
    My first MAC products were eyeshadows: I bought Beauty Marked, Electric Eel, Mythology, Idol Eyes, Humid, and Rule. I picked out the colors that spoke to me at the counter, and I still have these shades today. Love 'em!

    1. Thanks for adding your comment! It's great to know that you've got eyeshadows that are old but that still work. Amazing how we still remember our very first MAC eyeshadows.

  4. I just typed up the last comment and forgot to mention; I just bought Tilt! I was Googling to get a feel of the look of it to decide if I wanted to buy it, and this post really helped me. I was wondering why the MAC website described as a violet shade, now I see why! This shade is going to be so much fun to play around with. I see it working with purples, blues, greens, gold, silver... maybe even the pinks in my new Naked3 palette. Thanks for the post!

    1. It's surprisingly wearable, isn't it? That's exciting that you are thinking of so many ways to use it! Glad that you found this post so helpful. I'm eyeing the Naked 3 palette myself...it may be my first Naked palette.