Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Ones: Sharleen Spiteri

Sharleen Spiteri is the occasionally shy, charismatic frontwoman of the Glaswegian band Texas. They've been making music since the late 80s and although they've never managed to crack the American market, they've had multi-platinum success in the UK and Europe. In 2008 Sharleen released her first solo album, Melody.

Sharleen has a voice that's been described as "distinctive burnt caramel carapace" and she's often seen at fashion shows and is involved in children's charities in Scotland. She has a 6 year old daughter. Her look has evolved throughout her time in the spotlight. The singer has had a characteristic fresh-faced look, often with little but a stained-lip colour, throughout her time with Texas, but with her solo album, a 60s inspired affair, she has adopted a style to match. .

In the late 80s and early 90s, Sharleen and her bandmates adopted the moody, dark looks of the shoegazers crossed with a typical Glaswegian attitude.

Sharleen's trademark look has always been capped with her chic, thick dark locks. I went through period after period lusting after her hair, but eventually gave up trying to imitate her look because my hair is just nowhere near thick enough to achieve her sexy, tousled, piecy cuts. I also envied her gorgeous cheekbones and gorgeous full lips.

As Texas grew in popularity, Sharleen became a star, photographed for magazine covers and befriended by fashion designers. In music videos and photos, she showcased a natural sultriness, something that appealed to men and women alike. Her make-up was always very minimal and natural, with perhaps a pop of colour on her cheeks and gorgeous lips, but little else. She has never really needed more. Photos here, here and here.

With the 2008 release of her first solo album, she adopted a swinging 60's look with sideswept bangs, Peter Pan collared dresses, liquid eyeliner and lots of eyelashes.

Some more images and links to videos showcase her looks further:

Texas' first video for 'I Don't Want A Lover' from 1989 features Sharleen as a young, unstyled lead singer, in denim, a popped collar and a lip colour very similar to MAC's classic liner colour Spice.

In the video for Can't Resist from 2005's Redbook, Sharleen has two alter-egos: one very natural and minimalist, the other with an uncharacteristic but gorgeous smoky eye.

The video for In Demand from 2000's Song Book: Greatest Hits feature Sharleen in the back of a convertible speeding down the highway at night. She's bundled in a mod-style parka, looking very youthful and being snuggled by Alan Rickman.

When the car stops at a service station, the pair start to tango seductively and it's revealed that she's wearing a low-cut, nearly backless evening dress, hardly youthful at all.

The video for 2003's I'll See It Through finds Sharleen and Jean Reno stoic, almost statuelike on rooftops.

But the Inner Smile video (2000), a song you might recognize from the movie Bend It Like Beckham, Sharleen plays a young, leather-clad Elvis and does a pretty good job.

Real Sharleen meets Sharleen-Elvis.

And Sharleen's most current incarnation, the 60's girlish chanteuse in sequins, bouffant hairstyles, nude lips and eyeliner.


PS. Here's a link to an interview Sharleen did with Graham Norton in 2008, telling the story of when she met Paris Hilton.


  1. She knows how to pick her video leading men. Rickman! Reno!

  2. Sharleen is indeed hot. But above all she is talented. I honestly dislike her Barbara Streisand look(1967 btw), but I wont forget her sight on `In our lifetime´ which is my fav one.