Monday, January 18, 2010

Dior: Edition Dentelle Spring 2010 MEGA HAUL!!!

Here's a little makeup porn to make your Monday more exciting. I recently did a mega haul of Dior's spring collection thanks to a very large collection of Shopper's Optimum points.

Left to right (top row/bottom row): 5 Couleurs Edition Dentelle Pearl Glow 059 & Coquette 743
Poudrier Dentelle Pink Lace 001, Dior Vernis Silver Pearl 604 and Diorblush Edition Dentelle Vintage Pink 839

I am usually indifferent to spring collections because I don't like pastels, but Dior shows us that spring can be filled with smokey neutrals, deep iridescent purples, blues and taupes. Everything in this collection is beautiful, sophisticated and of course haul worthy!

I had been saving up my Optimum points for more than a year to splurge on something really luxurious and outstanding and I think I picked just the right collection to cash in on.

Stay tuned for swatches!



  1. I ADORE this collection - I'm pretty much hanging out until the weekend when I finally have an opportunity to lay my hands on it. The Pearl Glow palette looks stunning, as does the Vintage Rose blush. Enjoy!

  2. It is worth the wait! The nice thing about the Pearl Glow palette is you can go light and springy or deep and smokey, so its very versatile. Let us know what you haul!

  3. haha, I never thought to do that with my shoppers points! But now i'm excited to do so!

    Great haul!