Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beauty Squared Round-Up - November 18, 2012

Some highly clickable links for you this week. Enjoy!

Easy tricks for improving vintage clothes.

In praise of the single eyeshadow!

Two-tone lips - would you?

Makeover your Facebook profile with NARS and Andy Warhol. 

Well, this is something different. A 72-year old man has become an Internet sensation for modelling clothing for his granddaughter's online store. 

Bella Sugar offers the best skin care products for Winter 2013.

Smoky eye and a nude lip? Bold lip and soft eyes? It's always one or the other since both at the same time can look like too much but Dior MUA Ricky Wilson shows us how to wear both effectively.

These ladies look pretty average, in terms of their body types, but they're considered plus-size by the fashion industry. Huffington Post counts down their favourite plus-size models.

Amanda Palmer writes a (pretty awesome) letter to PETA regarding one of its recent ad campaigns.

Lilac wine? Is that a new name for a colour like "oxblood" is the new fashion-y name for burgundy? 

A mod eye made easy. 

Quick tips for applying false eyelashes.

Apparently looking at different body types make us more accepting of our own (different body types). 

All you need to know about BB creams

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