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October Glymm Box Photos

My October Glymm Box (it can't really be called a box anymore, since it's now a bag) celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness. The bag is a textured pink and there's a little information booklet included, for the first time in a few months. Glymm explains in the booklet that due to customer feedback, they've reversed the decision not to include an information booklet in each month's box. They'd originally changed the packaging and omitted the product information card, opting for placing the information about the items online only, in an attempt to be environmentally friendly. 

I personally found finding the product information online a bit annoying, since Glymm sends an email around the time you receive your products in the mail and if you don't look at the online information right away, it can get lost in your inbox, especially since Glymm sends quite a few emails each month. It's much easier to have a product card with the products.

The booklet also introduces Glymm's new special edition Mama box - products for moms and babies. 

Product info!
So here's what was inside:

To preview Glymm Mama, a sample-size bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil. This stuff, of course, isn't just for babies. Splash some into bath water, use it after the shower to moisturize your skin, for shaving, use it to remove latex paint from your skin, use it to remove eye makeup, rub onto a pregnant belly to prevent stretch marks and use it to heal dry, cracked skin on your heels.

A pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. October is, of course, breast cancer awareness month. It's lovely for Glymm to theme this month's bag in pink and include a pink ribbon but I received my Glymm boxes in the last few weeks of the month, so it'd have been nice to have a pink ribbon to wear all month rather than the last week or so.

Pink ribbon

Baby Buttercreme? Is this another Glymm Mama teaser product? Nope. It's a hair softener, specifically for dry, stiff curls.

Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercream
Full sizes: 
59 mL ($9)
237 mL ($32)
473 mL ($58)
This daily maintenance hydration creme softens like no other and banishes dry hair while adding a plump sheen.

How it works: This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair. Apply a nickel-sized dollop to instantly soften dry, crunchy curls. Excellent for taming hairline edges and moisturizing those thirsty strands. $1 from the sale of any full-size Miss Jessie's item will be donated to the YSC (Young Survivor's Coalition).

A Lash Card? Shields for preventing smudges on your lid when you apply mascara.

Full size: Box of 10 ($6.99)
Say bye-bye to clumpy and smudged mascara. This card will save you time and make your lashes lovably flawless.

How it works: Lash Card to the rescue! These patented Lash Cards are individually wrapped, easy-to-use, and disposable - which is important for good makeup hygiene. Use it at home or slip it into your clutch for when you're on the go to create those irresistible lashes. You can test it our with your new Femme Couture Lightening Lash Mascara!

That's right, there's also some mascara in this month's Glymm box. A full-sized tube of Femme Couture's Lightening Lash Mascara.

Lightening Lash mascara
Full size: $14
Get noticed with superstar lashes. Lengthen, amplify and bring each lash back to life.

How it works: Irresistible lashes? Check. This mascara builds lashes without clumping and lasts from day to night. The lengthening formula and extreme lash amplifier grabs each lash to life by separating and extending them. It has a special extreme brush which helps to evenly apply to each lash from root to tip. Don't forget to use your Lash Card for a smudge-free and perfect finish!

Mini-review: I've been using this mascara and I'm really impressed with it! As I find with most mascara, it takes a little bit of getting used to. The wand is super-skinny and the brush is as well, barely bristled at all.

This mascara doesn't do a whole lot of thickening but it certainly lengthens. The colour is black, and the formula is light and easy to apply. It doesn't weigh my lashes down and they keep their curl all day. And boy do they make them long. I generally prefer a thick look to my lashes but wearing this mascara, I've been keeping my eye makeup light to show off my lashes. 

Grade: A
And finally, two cute little paint tubes filled with Cyberderm goodness.

L-R: Cyberderm H2O Hydration and Cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip
Full size: H2O Hydration (50 mL/$60)  
This moisturizer will show your skin a good time. With more benefits than you can count, you can be sure to see some drastic results. 

How it works: H2O Hydration provides calming relief from the day's stress and great anti-aging benefits. This olive-based moisturizer mimics the skin's own barrier, allowing its active ingredients to penetrate deeply. It makes for an amazing daily moisturizer and anti-aging product. Apply it in the morning before your Every Morning Sunwhip.

Full size: Every Morning Sun Whip (50 mL/$38)
Protect your delicate skin from harmful rays all year round with this daily sunscreen.

How it works: A sunscreen with a cashmere matte finish that can be applied to the face, neck, chest and hands daily! Zinc oxide provides consistent and photo-stable protection against UVB and UVA rays. It's soothing and calming to the skin, which is why mothers apply zinc oxide to their babies' bottoms. It's perfect for those looking for a lighter, daily sunscreen lotion with some additional hydration. Use right after moisturizing with H2O Hydration.

Glymm is a monthly box of products shipped to your door. Want your own? Want to learn more? Check out their website at

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