Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Butter LONDON The Big Smoke Review and Swatches

I think I'm going to throw out all of my nailpolish and just buy Butter LONDON from now on. Seriously. None of my other polishes are cutting it compared to the BL shades. I just don't want to wear anything else!

This is the latest addition to my collection: Big Smoke. It's described as London's finest. Mildly metallic navy blue that's as naughty as a night in a smoky pub. 

The name "Big Smoke" is a nickname for London and refers specifically to the Great Smog of 1952. This polish is part of BL's regular collection. 

I love the deep navy colour and how it's got a metallic sheen, giving it a hazy appearance. 

Here it is swatched. This is with three coats and a top coat.

As with the other BL polishes I've tried, Big Smoke went on smoothly and was almost opaque with two coats but I used three which was more about my application skills that the polish itself. BL polishes dry quite quickly, which is one of the things I love about them. I've had this on for four days and there's no wear yet. The other BL polishes I've tried wear pretty well, giving me four or five days before showing visible wear. This one is no different (yet). The colour is true to how it looks in the bottle, and before drying. I love the deep blue shade and flash of metallic in certain light.

Sigh, yet another Butter LONDON polish to be in love with. I should just give in now, right?

Grade: A (I'd give it an A+ except the colour isn't totally unique and it is pricey (I paid $16.99 CDN for this polish).)


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