Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Need This: MAC Pro Lip Palettes

MAC announced a few weeks ago that their Pro collection (previously available only in MAC Pro Stores and online to Pros only) was going to be made available online to everyone. You can already visit a Pro Store and check out the Pro-only products, but now anyone can order these items online. This is exciting! Many of the Pro products won't be terribly usable to your average make-up wearer. There are lots of technical products for the make-up artist and colours and sizes the average user wouldn't ever wear or use up.

However, there are some items that will be of interest to those of you who aren't professional make-up artists or performers. One of these we just have to let you know about, are the MAC Pro Lip Palettes. 

Right now there are six available at www.maccosmetics.com - the Spring '13 Forecast, and palettes of pinks, oranges, browns, plums and reds. What's great about these palettes is that you get six colours in one package. Each pan of lipstick is less than you'd get buying a tube, but how often do you finish a lipstick before it starts to go bad? By getting six colours at once you have the ability to make like a MUA and create your own shades. Even if there are colours in the palette that you wouldn't wear, you can use them to create one you would! 

This is particularly good for someone looking to wear a red lipstick but unsure what shade works on them. Buying the 6 Editorial Reds gives you 6 red shades including some cool-toned reds and some warm reds, so whatever your skintone, chances are you'll be able to find your shade or create your own shade by combining some of them. 

Check out these reviews and swatches of the other pro lip palettes:

MAC Spring '13 Forecast Pro Lip Palette (scroll down a ways) - 

MAC 6 Editorial Oranges and MAC 6 Editorial Browns Pro Lip Paletteshttp://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com/mac-makeup/mac-pro-lip-palettes-pics-and-swatches/

MAC 6 Select Plums Pro Lip Palettehttp://www.feedreader.com/feed/Vintage_or_Tacky/99369914

I'm tempted to get all of these! I'd never need to buy a single lipstick ever again.


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