Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Roche Posay Mela-D Pigment Control Review

New to La Roche Posay's skincare line is Mela-D Pigment Control serum which is intended to correct dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, dullness and unevenness.  Hydroquinone free and formulated with kojic and glycolic acid, after 8 weeks of use this product claims to reduce the look of dark spots by 28% , unevenness  by 24% and increase radiance by 36%.

I was sent a sample by PR for review. I have now been using the serum for 4 weeks, once a day before bed. The serum has a slightly thick gel consistency and spreads evenly and smoothly over the skin.

With my medium (NC 30/35) skin tone, freckles and occasional post acne dark spots, I was interested to see if this product would actually reduce my hyper pigmentation. What I found in my month of use is this product does help to brighten my complexion through gentle exfoliation. My skin has was smoother and better exfoliated during my use. I also like that this product has a light texture and that it was weightless underneath my moisturizer.

Of course the million dollar question is does this product really lighten dark spots? In the time I have used it, I cannot say I have seen a noticeable reduction in the darkness of my hyper pigmented spots. Hyper pigmentation is something that can only be corrected over longer periods of time and to be fair I haven't used the product for 8 weeks yet. So for me, the jury is out on whether this product will significantly lighten dark spots. What it will do is give you a brighter, smoother complexion which might help lessen the conspicuousness of dark spots. Either way your skin will have a better texture and appearance using this product.

As a final note, I would like to point out an aspect of this product I find frustrating. Specifically, I dislike the bottle and applicator, which is eye dropper style. I find using the eye dropper wasteful and messy. In the journey the dropper takes from the bottle to your hand/face, inevitably serum drops out onto the counter/floor and is wasted. As well, if you were to ever drop the applicator or bottle by accident you could potentially contaminate/spill your serum. I wish this product came in a pump bottle!

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Grade: B+


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