Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Studio Girl Make-Up Kit

I attended a lecture on 1950s fashion at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto last weekend. The woman who spoke is the owner of a vintage store called Gadabout Vintage and she had brought some 1950s clothes and accessories with her to show us. One of the items was this make-up kit from Studio Girl. I fell in love with all the little bottles inside - many of which still had product inside.

The tall glass bottles with the white lids in the back of the top shelf were cologne and the white jar containers contained what I suspect were creams and lotions. The tiny vials along the front of the top shelf were cosmetics. I think they were foundations, concealers and cream colours to that effect. See the reddish colours? These were probably used as blush. The vials to the right were likely for concealing and highlighting. There's a small gold tube of lipstick, still mostly intact, on the bottom of the case. It was a deep, bright red, called True Red. Very Marilyn Monroe. 

How delightful to see what women in the 1950s would have bought and used. 


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