Monday, November 12, 2012

Make Up Forever Aqua Cream #2 Review and Swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER is famous for their waterproof line of makeup, originally created for use by synchronized swimmers. Today, MUFE's line of waterproof eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara, and foundations are used by synchronized swimmers and anyone who simply wants their makeup to stay put all day. I picked up one of their Aqua Creams to test out recently.

Aqua Cream is MUFE's waterproof cream colour for eyes, lips, and cheeks. It comes in 22 colours, ranging from bright green to neutral beige. Some of the shades are formulated for both eyes and cheeks and others are for lips and cheeks. 

I selected #2 - Steel. It's described on the Sephora website as a silvery grey shimmer. It's more of a taupe-grey with warmth and yes, a lot of shimmer. 

Aqua Creams are 0.21 oz for $26.00 CDN. This is a good size as these shades are highly-pigmented. You don't need a lot to get an effect, so this is good value, if you're using this as a regular shadow. If you're using this in more dramatic and extensive ways, you'll go through it faster.

I chose this shade because it seems like a good basic shade to have. It can be used underneath other shades, blended into a smoky look or worn on its own for a simple but dramatic effect.

#2 is very, very shimmery and has that smooth, creamy sheen to it that we look for in a cream shadow. Below, it's swatched on my hand and it was difficult to get a good photo because my camera struggled to focus on it since it was so shiny. 

As with most cream shadows, you need to work pretty quickly to apply it as it will dry and set swiftly. And being waterproof means that it's not easy to remove if you don't get it in place before it sets. 

I typically use baby wipes to remove swatches when I'm photographing for Beauty Squared and this is what the swatch looked like after an intensive scrub with a wet wipe. I was able to remove it all only with soap and water. 

In summary, I was impressed with the application and wear of this Aquacream. It's a great, wearable shade and it certainly does as it says - it lasts and lasts, even without a primer underneath. 

Grade: A

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