Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blue New Glasses EOTD

I got my first new pair of glasses since my teens recently. I finally have a pair I can wear out in public! Make-up wise it's challenging. My eyes look smaller through the lenses and although I opted to get translucent frames, I have to use more eye makeup to make them stand out.

Here's a look I did rather hastily one morning before work and thought I'd show it to you. I wouldn't normally wear blue eyeshadow to work but behind glasses it's not so obvious. I used MAC's Dandizette Mega Metal Eyeshadow and a bit of MAC Contrast.

Here's the look behind my glasses.

And here's the look without my glasses.

Basically, I smudged Dandizette messily on the outer half of my eye and blended up to my crease. I wanted it messy so yes, that's what I got! I used Contrast along my lashline on the outer half of my lashes and some product smudge underneath my eye as well. See, messy!

To finish the look I used Benefit BADGal Blue Mascara.

So there you have it, a messy but effective behind-the-glasses eye look! 

Glasses-wearers, what're your tricks for making up your eyes so they stand out behind your glasses? Tell us!


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