Friday, April 15, 2011

EOTD: Pink and Grey

This is one of those simple looks that can be worn for day or bumped up for night. The shape is very basic and can be used with a variety of colours for a variety of looks. Here's a pink/grey/purple version I've worn for day.

Worn here with MAC See Sheer lipstick.

It's soft, pretty and sophisticated and pretty simple. It's a pink lid with a grey-purple along the lashline and swept up and across the outer half of the lid. You could use pretty much any combination of colours as long as the colour across the whole lid is lighter than the colour on the outside half. Beige/brown, greens, blues, orange/blue, whatever you want to try, go for it!

Here's what I used on my eyes. 

MAC Pigment in Nude
I used Nude pigment as my browbone highlighter, as well as using a bit in the inner corners of my eyes for a pop.

MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose
I used a wide, flat bristled brush to apply Fresco Rose across my entire lid, blending up into the crease. MAC Paint Pots are long wearing cream shadows so it helps your eyeshadow to last all day. Work quickly with the Paint Pots as they dry fairly quickly. Also, a thinner layer will help keep your shadow from creasing.

I chose Fresco Rose more for the colour than the cream texture but it works well as Unflappable (below) has a creamier texture than most powder eyeshadows. The two work well together for a textured effect.

MAC Unflappable
For the contrasting shade, I used a wide, flat bristled brush with a rounded tip to apply Unflappable to the outer corner of my eye, concentrating the colour heavily along my lashline. Unflappable is a dark grey but it has a lot of purple in it and applying it over the Fresco Rose brings out the purple. 

I used an angle brush to smudge Unflappable along the lashline for definition. This helps to make the eyelashes look thicker and to define the eye.

Brushes used L to R:
Unflappable on the eyelid
MAC Fresco Rose
Unflappable along the lashline

I curled my lashes and applied L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara to my upper lashes.

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
On my cheeks I used Strada, by MAC. Rather than the apples of my cheeks, I applied it towards the top of my cheeks. It gives a more sophisticated look this way as it emphasizes my cheekbones. 

MAC Blush in Strada

Blush brush
I tried two different lip colours with this look. At the top of this post I used MAC lipstick in See Sheer and in the photo below I used Bare Minerals gloss in Birthday Cake.

Bare Minerals gloss in Birthday Cake

Wearing Bare Minerals gloss in Birthday Cake
I prefer a pinkier lip colour than the orangier one at the top of the post. What do you think?

Try this eye look with pink and grey shadows, as light and dark as you like. And try it with browns or purples or greens, as long as the colour you apply all over your lid is lighter, you'll get the same effect. You don't need to use a cream colour as your base - powders work just as well. But you could also use two cream colours, bearing in mind they'll blend more readily than two powders or a powder and a cream. 

Try it, you'll love it!



  1. Pretty! :) I love pink and gray for eyeshadow, too, though I like to use a vibrant pink (like Woodstock) sometimes. I don't actually know if I have a pretty, softer pink kicking around. Hmm.

  2. Thanks Larie! I'm planning to pick up the Urban Decay Roller Girl palette, which has Woodstock in it but I don't know if I can pull of a hot pink eyeshadow like that...I'll have to see once I get it. :)