Friday, April 8, 2011

Vichy Laboratories Lift Activ Derm Source Review

I was sent a preview bottle of Vichy's latest anti-aging moisturizer to try out. Here's what Vichy Laboratories has to say about Lift Activ: 

Vichy Laboratories has pushed the limits of anti-aging with 2 major scientific advances: First after 10 years of research and 6 scientific publications with the discovery of the power of the Derm Source, known as papillary dermis, the skin’s true and integral source of youth. Second, Vichy Laboratories’ newest anti aging technology, LIFTACTIV DERM SOURCE, boasts the anti-aging power of Rhamnose, a plant extract that helps to stimulate the activity of the Derm Source to irradiate youth throughout all skin layers. (7 patents + 6 clinical studies)

And to answer some of the questions we might have:

What is the Derm Source?
Science calls it: Papillary dermis, an upper compartment of the dermis located just below the dermo-
epidermal-junction. It has the unique ability of regenerating the skin in all its layers creating the key
source of youthfulness.

How does it work?
It works very much like a command centre of the skin. It contains very active fibroblasts that diffuse
youth molecules to all skin layers – epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction and deeper dermis. These
molecules target the cells in each skin layer and command them to regenerate. The action of Derm
Source is integral and it alone is responsible for the regeneration of the entire skin from the deep dermis
to the epidermis.

What is Rhamnose?
Rhamnose is a sugar extract found in some Brazilian plants like Uncaria and some trees like the Silver
Birch. Vichy extracts it in its ultra-pure form; using a hydilysis process that preserves its natural origin
and only takes the most active fraction of the molecule to deliver its full power. This active ingredient is
also used in pharmacology for its anti-inflammatory properties.

According to Vichy, Lift Activ Derm Source gives: 
• Unprecedented anti-wrinkle and firmness efficacy and long lasting lifting effect
• Skin radiates with youth; beyond anti aging signs, skin is fully transformed as never before:
replumped, velvety smooth and luminous

Despite the fact that I'm not yet at the stage of my life where I need high potency anti-aging cream, I've been using Lift Activ nightly. The sample I was sent is Vichy Lift Activ Derm Source for Oily to Combination skin and retails for approximately $45. 

Lift Activ is lightly scented and isn't offensive at all. It's a fairly thick cream that you might anticipate being heavy on the skin, but it's not. It absorbs quickly and does not sit on the skin.

Although I can't vouch for the anti-aging effects of Life Activ, I can tell you that it does leave my skin feeling smooth, soft and plump. With so many moisturizers, I wash my face in the morning and the feeling of smooth and soft washes away. Not so with Lift Activ. 

I would imagine that this moisturizer will do as it claims and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does seem to plump up my skin so skin that's drier and showing aging more than mine does should also be plumper. Plumper skin means fewer wrinkles!

I would recommend Lift Activ to someone who was experiencing wrinkles and fine lines and wanted to try a reasonably priced anti-aging cream.


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