Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MAC Primed For Perfection Preview

M∙A∙C owns the primers category. Now we’re taking Prep + Prime further than ever. Use it under, over, during, after makeup application, and marvel at the ease with which it can accept concealer, cooperate with colour. And now, with NEW PREP + PRIME VIBRANCY EYE, P + P advances eyes, focuses potential. A lightweight, quick fix AND long-term solution for puffy, tired-looking creases and bags that targets the three main causes for dark under eye circles – pigmentation, visibly weakened capillaries and shadowing – while illuminating the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity. Vibrancy Eye provides pick-me-up power and moisturization. One step and you’re prepped for makeup magic. A wonderful NEW shaded highlighter debuts with this collection – PREP + PRIME HIGHLIGHTER is lush and cushiony, yet lightweight – in wonderful hues that provide a sheer wash of colour to highlight, brighten and perfect. The click “pen” allows for exact application.   

Added to the MAC Permanent Collection as of April 7th, 2011.

Here's what MAC's Nick Gavrelis had to say about the new Prep + Prime products:

What is the strategy behind launching Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye and Prep + Prime Highlighter? What void do they fill in M·A·C’s primer category?
We launched Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye and Prep + Prime Highlighter to add diversity to our Prep + Prime Eye formulas. We have our original Prep + Prime Eye formula which evens out the skintone and texture on the eyelid, but we felt that we needed a primer to perfect the skin for concealer application. This formula was created to be used specifically for the delicate eye area.

The Prep + Prime Highlighter allows for precise application and more targeted luminosity to add light and radiance to the eye or any area of the face in one easy step. The difference between Prep + Prime Highlighter and Prep + Prime Skin is that this new formula provides a more targeted luminosity and it can be used under and over foundation for touch-ups.

How does Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye work? What are its main ingredients?
Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye immediately improves radiance and clarity around the eye area with the following main ingredients: Vitamin C Complex with Melannite (K3 aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate and 2CME ascorbyl tocopheryl maleate) serves as a brightening agent and antioxidant. The anti-angiogenics phytosphingosine, glycosaminoglycans and gingko biloba help strengthen skin. For optics, a cocktail of light reflective pearls in multiple colours renders the maximum skin-enhancing effect. A range of peptides – sweet orange extract, red algae extract, caffeine and sucrose – soothes and depuffs the eye area, while glycerin, trehalose, sodium hyaluronate and shea butter add up to a powerful combination of moisturizers and emollients. Over time, this combination of ingredients can brighten the appearance of dark circles, reduce puffiness and add moisture around the delicate eye area.

How should Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye be applied? Should it be worn above or below foundation/concealer?
Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye should be applied gently with your fingertip, patted gently around eye area until blended. It should be worn under concealer.

What are the benefits of the click pen applicator on Prep + Prime Highlighter? Where and how should it be applied?
The Prep + Prime Highlighter click pen allows for precise, easy application and provides just the right amount of product. Prep + Prime Highlighter should be applied with the brush tip directly to the high place of the face to help brighten. Additionally, it can applied over bare moisturized skin, or over concealer/foundation. Blend well with fingertips.


Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast
Mid-tone peachy coral
$27.50 CDN/$23 US

Prep + Prime in Light Boost
Soft yellow cream
$27.50 CDN/$23 US

Prep + Prime in Radiant Rose
Light shell pink
$27.50 CDN/$23 US

Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye
$36.50 CDN/$30 US

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