Monday, April 11, 2011

Olay Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush Review

It's Monday morning and I bet many of you woke up a little groggy this morning with dark circles under your eyes. Well, here's a new Olay product that might come in handy if your undereyes need a little help.

According to Olay, their Total Effects Line and Dark Circles Minimizing Brush features a smooth brush applicator that instantly provides tinted coverage and continues working to fight seven signs of aging for younger, brighter-looking eyes. It immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles, look of wrinkles and combined with massage, instantly reduces the look of puffiness. It hydrates for firmer skin appearance, visibly renews skin texture, evens skin tone and provides nourishing moisture.

An eye cream/concealer pen that you don't have to dip into with your finger to apply? Thumbs up! (Beauty products that you dip your fingers into get contaminated more readily than ones that you apply directly to your skin.) 

The pen has a long, flat brush on one end and the product is released through clicking the button at the other end of the pen. The product comes up into the center of the brush for application.

The Olay Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush retails for just over $20 CDN.

What did I think of it? Well, as a morning eye cream it is effective but likely more so with the application of it. The massaging effect of brushing the product into your skin does more to reduce any puffiness than the product itself. The appearance of fine lines is reduced and there is a moderate amount of concealing capabilities. For my dark circles, it's barely a drop in the bucket, however. I require much more concealer to even begin to cover-up my dark circles. However, this product doesn't affect the application of concealer on top so it's a good product for moisturizing, reducing puffiness and minimizing fine lines. For anyone with minor dark circles or dark circles only from poor sleep this may be an effective enough concealer. 

The application is easy, one or two clicks gives you plenty of product for both eyes and the brush works well to apply it. Any excess can be patted into the skin. 

Comparing it to YSL's Touche Eclat is misleading. While the concealer component does have brightening properties, it is very light and will only thoroughly conceal the most minor of dark circles.

One pet peeve of this pen (and of the other Olay pens I've tried) is storage. I prefer to have this standing vertically in my bathroom cabinet as I have a lot of beauty products sharing space. The pens have a small bump at the bottom which makes it difficult to stand these on end. The cap is also not flat so these often fall over and roll around or out of the cabinet. Storage is a bit of a bother with these.

Have you tried the Olay Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush? What are your thoughts?

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  1. So cute. I like the design of the product it looks so smooth.