Monday, April 25, 2011

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper Review and Swatches

Laura Mercier is a French make-up artist who is known for her ability to create a flawfless face. She has a makeup line that's available online and at Sephora. I'm relatively new to this product, having had a friend give me some samples of a few eyeshadow testers which I believed were all NARS but turned out to be Laura Mercier. These two shadows are some of my favourites and I wear them a lot.

I'm a huge fan of Sam and Nic, the sisters behind PixiWoo and recreated one of Sam's tutorials for Beauty Squared recently. 

My recreation of this look can be seen here.

So back to Laura Mercier. In order to do this look I purchased Laura Mercier's Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper from my local Sephora ($22 US).  It's a thin, creamy metallic eyeshadow that applies very thinly on the skin (meaning it can be built up) in a sheer wash of shimmery colour. I've only tried one of these so far, but I plan to pick up some others. They go on so nicely and last for most of the day without creasing.

Let's take a look at Burnished Copper.

The tube is small, but you use so little of the product, this is going to last you awhile. The base of the tube is flat with a small hole in the centre which allows you to squeeze out just enough (or possibly even too little) product. I recommend using a brush with this, something narrow and flat that works well with liquids and creams. It'll give you an even application and allow you to blend. Watch how Nic does it in in the Pixiwoo video above for tips on how best to apply this product.

Burnished Copper is described on the Laura Mercier website as taupey-bronze-red and that's pretty close to what it looks like. It strikes me as quite red but that could be just my fear of wearing red shades. They can make fair-skinned people look ill, so I have to be careful choosing red shadows. This one, happily looks intense enough that it hints at fever-madness but it doesn't suggest I've been up and crying all night either.

This swatch is on the back of my hand (NW20 skintone) and done fairly thickly with my finger, not a brush. I wanted a true swatch of the colour. As you can see, it's a lovely, shimmery shade, but not overwhelmingly shimmery where you feel that you've got disco balls on your eyelids. It's a very wearable shimmer. For light skintones like mine this is probably too dramatic a shadow to wear for day. When you wear a pigmented colour AND it's got lots of shimmer and shine, it's a good rule to keep these for nighttime or weekends, not the office. 

However, for warm and darker skintones this could be a lovely shade for daytime. Also, take note those of you with green eyes. This shade will make your eyes pop (red tones)!

The Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour comes in three other shades - Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold.

Have you ever tried any of Laura Mercier's products? Any of the Metallic Creme Eye Colours? What do you think? Tell us!


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