Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC Colourizations Review and Swatches

Originally I wasn't going to be purchasing any of the shadow duos in MAC's Colourizations collections, but on a recent trip to the US I thought I would take advantage of the somewhat cheaper pricing.

The last time MAC attempted pre-packaged eye shadow duos was Suite Array in 2008, which by all accounts, bloggers and otherwise was a colossal failure. The shadows were dry, stiff, chalky and under pigmented, on top of that they were small, packaged in the same container as the old eyebrow powder was. Fast forward to this summer and MAC seems to have done a little better this time on the duo venture.

There are 8 duos in total, and each shadow is the same pan size as regular shadows. I picked up 4 of the 8, and generally these shadows had the best textures and finishes. The shadows are unnamed and simply go by a numbering system. Photos of product taken with flash, photo of swatches taken in natural light on NC 40 skin. All duos are LE ($30.00 CA/26.00 US).

Clockwise from upper left: Double Feature 6, 3, 7 and 4.

Double Feature 6

Double Feature 3

Double Feature 7

 Double Feature 4

Left to right: Double Feature 6, 3, 4 and 7.

Double Feature 6 - This is the most neutral duo of the collection, and if the store I bought it from was any indication, the best selling duo of the 8. Both shadows are well pigmented and have a nice creamy texture. The light colour is a matte greyed beige which leans on the cool side, an interesting twist on the usual beige highlighter. The other shade is a gorgeous shimmery golden brown veluxe pearl which is a little like Woodwinked except slightly darker, and less coppery.

Double Feature 3 - Pairs a matte sky blue turquoise with a satin finish ash brown. The turquoise shade has excellent colour payoff and texture, especially for a matte. The brown shade is a little dry and sheer, but still workable.

Double Feature 4 - My favourite in the collection. It pairs a deep forest green teal with an ochre. The teal shade has a veluxe pearl finish and is gorgeous, while the ochre shade is matte but highly pigmented and creamy in texture. This is a very earthy, fall type pairing.

Double Feature 7 - Pairs a intense fuchsia pink with a muted charcoal black. The pink shade is highly pigmented with a frost finish and has fantastic intensity, especially for a pink. The charcoal black shade is a satin finish and runs a bit sheer and dry. 

General Thoughts

I really like the unusual colour pairings in this collection - they remind me of Nars eye shadow duos, and I like that MAC took some chances with these. Of the collection my favourite is Double Feature 4 due to the uniqueness of the colours and the quality of the shadows. Double Feature 6 is a winner too, just more dupeable in the colour department.



  1. I have 5 of the 8, and I've been using them almost exclusively for daytime and low-key evenings. I enjoy that the hues are so well-matched that I don't need to "think" about how they'll blend together; you get all the benefit of "riskier" bright colour choices, without any concern about how to wear them. Double Feature 4 was the surprise stand-out on my light complexion; and Double Feature 1 (purple/yellow) would be my second fave.

  2. J-Real

    I agree, these duos are a great way to experiment with some inventive colour pairings. I was thinking about getting #1 too!