Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sasson Salon launches 'Minimum' - The Fall/Winter 2011 Salon Collection

This season, Sassoon Salon once again showcases the power of personalisation. At the forefront of the industry for over 50 years, renowned for distinctive looks that are perfectly tailored to each client, Sassoon Salon now introduces the ultimate in bespoke tailored colour, showcased in the vivid looks of the Fall/ Winter 2011, MINIMUM collection.

Skin tone, eye colour, face shape, personality and sense of style all determine perfect hair colour. Sassoon Salon Colourists are expertly trained to identify and create the precise colour palette that will accentuate natural beauty.

The MINIMUM collection’s latest colouring techniques, developed exclusively for Sassoon Salon by European Colour Director Peter Dawson, precise placement of ‘accents’ of colours add tone and contrast, working in tandem with the shape and cut of the hair to create sweeping accent lines that bring the look to life.

MINIMUM heralds a contemporary reinvention of classic minimalism through precision colour. As block colors – clean silhouettes energised with the clarity of pure, powerful color – sweep the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris – MINIMUM’S bold accent colors give a vibrant, modern energy to a series of graphic shapes that are irresistibly precise.

Sassoon Salon Colorists train long and hard to master these exclusive mixing and application techniques, honing the art of precision personalised colors: from the dramatic bold shades showcased in the latest collection, to subtle blends that ensure your hair is perfectly tailored to your overall look and style.

“Advanced colour placement is an art form; with personalisation at its core. At the highest level, bespoke colour involves assessing everything from skin colouring, personal style – and even personality – to understand the specific tones and shapes that will bring each client’s individual beauty to life,” says Peter Dawson, European Color Director.

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